Rrjeti i organizatave të Grave Rome, Ashkali dhe Egjiptase të Kosovës
The Network of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian Women Organizations of Kosovo
E kosovake Romane, Ashkaliengre thaj Egipqanengre Djuvlengro Organisacierngri Kedin

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Vision of NRAEWOK

Our vision of fulfilling this mission is through intensive capacity building trainings, advocacy and lobbying trainings which would strengthen women’s representation in local as well as the central governance; meetings with other women NGOs and stakeholders in Kosovo through finding common grounds of cooperation and promoting inter-ethnic dialogue, exchange of experiences and information with other NGOs on local and global level; awareness raising activities in education and healthcare for women and girls of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities in Kosovo.

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Find us:

web site: www.rrograek.org
email: info@rrograek.org
Tel: 038 / 735 - 991

Monitoring report

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